Melinda Freckleton, DVM, with Christine Barakat

Deworming medications can't work if they don't make it into your horse.

Surveillance deworming made simple

Now is the time to switch from calendar-based deworming to a targeted program—for the sake of your horse’s health, your pocketbook and the equestrian community at large.

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4 easy ways to ice-proof your horse's hooves

The rock-hard accumulations of ice and snow that can get packed into a horse’s feet can cause lameness and injury. Here’s how to keep hoof ice balls from forming.

A young woman walking a white horse along a dirt road.

7 ways to make hand-walking work for your horse

To keep everyone safe when hand-walking a recuperating horse follow these 7 simple rules.

Two horses walking through a pasture

4 ways to prevent pasture injuries

Minimize your horse’s risk of hurting himself while he’s on pasture by taking the following precautions

Feeding Your Horse with Special Needs promo image

Feed with precision

Is your horse getting the correct amount of grain? If you’re measuring it only in “scoops” it’s impossible to know.

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The fix for crusty udders

Udders pose their own unique hygiene issues, here's how to handle them.

horse pills

What your veterinarian wants you to know about antibiotics

Here are 7 vital facts to keep in mind when handling these powerful medications.