Melinda Freckleton, DVM, with Christine Barakat

Surveillance deworming made simple
Now is the time to switch from calendar-based deworming to a targeted program—for the sake of your horse’s health, your pocketbook and the equestrian community at large.
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4 easy ways to ice-proof your horse's hooves
The rock-hard accumulations of ice and snow that can get packed into a horse’s feet can cause lameness and injury. Here’s how to keep hoof ice balls from forming.
A girl walking a white horse down a dirt road
7 ways to make hand-walking work for your horse
To keep everyone safe when hand-walking a recuperating horse follow these 7 simple rules.
horse turned out in field
4 ways to prevent pasture injuries
Minimize your horse’s risk of hurting himself while he’s on pasture by taking the following precautions
A woman pouring grain into a bucket that is attached to a hanging scale.
Feed with precision
Is your horse getting the correct amount of grain? If you’re measuring it only in “scoops” it’s impossible to know.
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The fix for crusty udders
Udders pose their own unique hygiene issues, here's how to handle them.
Canine care questions answered
Are raw diets better? Question:My neighbor keeps telling me how great her dogs have been since she switched them to a raw diet. Is this something that might benefit my dog? He’s very active, and I’d like...
White pills and a pill bottle
What your veterinarian wants you to know about antibiotics
Here are 7 vital facts to keep in mind when handling these powerful medications.