Laurie Prinz

Thoughts of Spring
The EQUUS Spring issue now at the printer is chock full of advice on handling seasonal horsekeeping challenges...
Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary
The True Tales section of EQUUS illustrates, time and again, that horses are wonderful creatures who...
A source of endless inspiration
Many things have changed since EQUUS published its first issue in 1977, but one thing hasn’t and never...
Keeping things in perspective
Need a break from the craziness of the world today? Check out the EQUUS Barn Stories podcast.
A good first step
A little-discussed provision of the 2021 omnibus spending package passed by Congress at the end of the...
5 Ways to reduce your horse's tetanus risk
Along with vaccination, these commonsense measures can protect horses from this deadly disease.
7 things you may not have known about tetanus
With modern vaccines and wound management practices, tetanus is almost a thing of the past. But the threat...
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All that awaits us
The new COVID-19 vaccines will soon put an end to this terrible pandemic, so let your mind wander to...
What's your diagnostic imaging IQ?
Take our quiz to see how well you know the technologies most often used to detect and evaluate health...
A very EQUUS Thanksgiving
As Americans give thanks for our many blessings, this is a good time to reflect on the individuals and...
Our horses, our lives, and what matters most
As America faces unprecedented health, economic and social challenges, how can we preserve what’s best...
Looking back and moving forward
An EQUUS article from a decade ago serves as a reminder of how horses keep us centered even in challenging...