Hope Ellis-Ashburn

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Little wonder
The spotted pony wasn’t the horse I wanted, but she turned out to be the one I needed.
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Lesson learned
I thought I was prepared for a smooth show day, but my mare, Sally, had other ideas.
horse running
How to make a dry lot your horse will love
With planning and some ongoing effort, you can create a grass-free enclosure that will keep your horse safe, healthy and happy.
Return to Milky Way Farm
Rarely have I looked forward to a trail ride as much as I did that day. The weather was just about perfect as I pulled out of my farm on my way to pick up two friends and their horses. Together we would...
stock trailer
Trailer tire check up
Don’t let a flat ruin your day. Here are four ways to make sure your trailer tires are in good shape and ready to roll.
The second time around
Only when I stopped comparing my mare to my “once-in-a-lifetime” gelding did I realize just how special she is to me.
A horse trailer doing down a highway in a desert setting
10 Tips for Traveling Solo With Your Horse
A few simple measures can help you head off trouble and give you peace of mind.
The power of one
An owner’s search for ways to keep her “suddenly single” mare from becoming lonely leads to a surprising realization.
Well remembered
The last lesson my “horse of a lifetime” taught me was how to say goodbye without regrets.
Neglected or just thin? When to call for help
Equine extension agents are often asked whether thin horses should be reported to the authorities. The answer was not always simple.
The right horse at the right time
My mare isn’t the flashiest mover, but she’s the perfect horse for me at this stage of my life.