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Grazing horses. Cover for EQ Extra 84, Digestive Challenges
Digestive challenges
How 'gut-friendly' is your feeding program? Take our equine digestion quiz to find out!
woman kissing old horse
'Barn Stories,' Ep. 71: Old soldier
Anyone who's ever treasured a horse will appreciate poignant stories like this one.
Sweaty chestnut horse with stiff stance
Tying up: First response
If your horse develops severe muscle cramping, call your veterinarian, then keep him still and comfortable until help arrives.
Muddy pastern with scratches infection
Scratches: Keep this condition from turning chronic
Pasterns often become crusty and scabby when 'mud season' turns paddocks into soupy messes. But left untreated, a simple case of scratches can escalate into a painful, chronic condition.
runny nose
Runny nose: When is it serious?
Take a few minutes to make sure your horse’s sniffles are a harmless nuisance rather than a sign of serious illness.
Rainrto on horse's neck
Rainrot: Take control
With a few simple steps at the first signs of trouble you can keep this generally minor skin infection from growing out of control.
farrier driving nail into horse shoe on horse's hoof
Loose shoe: What to do?
Schedule a visit with your farrier as soon as you notice a loose shoe. But in the meantime, you’ll want to take steps to either keep it in place or remove it.
Thin horse in stance typical of laminitis or founder
Laminitis: Action plan
The moment your horse begins to show signs of this devastating hoof disease, take quick action to slow its progress and reduce the extent of the damage.
Bleeding wound on horse's leg
Large laceration: First steps
When your horse suffers a large, bleeding wound, summon help and then take steps to lay the groundwork for healing.
Female Veterinarian and Assistant talking with Horse Owner about horse's teeth and oral care
Horse Health Tips: Examining a horse's mouth
In this ninth video of our series, brought to you by Zoetis, find out why learning to examine your horse's mouth is important.
Barn drama
9 tips for ending discord among equestrians
horse nose flared nostrils
Help! Heaves flare-up
When your horse has to work to breathe, call the veterinarian—then take steps to make him more comfortable.