Emily Kilby

Glands at a Glance: A Horse's Endocrine System promo image
Glands at a Glance: A Horse's Endocrine System
Your horse's life-sustaining endocrine system works in wondrous, if little-noticed, ways.
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How to Identify Pastern Problems
Lumps below the fetlock on your horse's pastern can mean trouble. Here's how to identify irregularities on the horse's pastern and learn which are serious problems and which are merely blemishes.
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How Equine Bones Mend
Horses' bones mend with amazing success, especially with the help of modern medicine.
Laminitis: The First 48 Hours promo image
Laminitis: The First 48 Hours
Well before laminitis stops a horse cold with excruciating hoof pain, it has already stirred up a destructive brew at the borderline between living flesh and inert hoof wall. By Emily Kilby for EQUUS magazine.
Help for Equine Asthmatics promo image
Help for Equine Asthmatics
Summertime, and the living is far from easy for horses whose hypersensitivity to allergens in the great outdoors sets them up for serious respiratory distress--asthma rather than heaves.