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EQUUS Extra 51 Hoof Care
Get Stronger, Sounder Hooves
It’s easy to take healthy hooves for granted. For most of us, hoof care means calling the farrier out every six weeks or so, along with an occasional onceover and clean-outs with the hoof pick every few...
Cons Istock Andhidrosis-id1045934972
The genetics of anhidrosis
Anhidrosis, the complete or partial inability to sweat, occurs more frequently in some breeds and among horses with a family history of the condition, which suggests a heritable component.
Arnd Choke Consultants 110622555_ABFa4
When a horse chokes repeatedly
Frequent episodes of esophageal blockage in horses merit a call to the veterinarian and a thorough investigation of possible causes.
Cons splints AdobeStock_227832799
Why horses develop splints
Conformation and training schedules can contribute to this common inflammatory condition affecting the horse's cannon bone.
Is pasture ever safe for horses with PPID?
If a horse's PPID is well controlled by medication and management, he may be able to enjoy some grazing. But his risk of developing laminitis depends on several factors.
Lingering effects of a pasture injury
Pasture injuries in horses often involve soft tissues that are slow to heal.
A fat-related horse health problem
Equine metabolic syndrome encompasses a collection of signs and clinical changes, including insulin resistance, hyperinsulinaemia, infertility and obesity.
A horse wearing a purple blanket
5 questions to ask about your horse's blanket
Even a high-quality winter blanket can cause injury if it doesn't fit well or isn't adjusted properly. Answer these questions to reduce your horse's risk of blanket-related problems
christmas banner
The Christmas Pony
No package delivers the joy and love of the season better than a fuzzy, four-legged one, rummaging through your pockets for treats.
Basic facts about tetanus in horses
You'll be better able to protect your horse from tetanus if you know how the disease occurs, how to prevent it and how it's treated..
EQUUS Extra Alternative Therapies horse
CBD and cold therapies
Facts about CBD and other alternative therapies for your horse.
equus extra summer grooming palomino
How to make your horse's coat shine
Use these grooming tips to bring out your horse's natural beauty.