Christine Barakat

horses talking art [Converted]
The evolution of the EQUUS podcasts
Launching podcasts was out of the comfort zone of the EQUUS editors, until they went ahead and did it...
horse field art
Our ongoing challenge
One of the greatest things about writing for EQUUS Magazine for the past 26 years has been the ability...
horses on curve [Converted]
Horse people are weird—or are they?
We equestrians are dedicated to something outside of ourselves, and we pursue our goals with such intensity...
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A bright future
As society changes, so will the horse industry. But this editor has faith that, given the opportunity,...
herd pano
A harmonious online herd
An equine editor ventures into "Horse Twitter," and the experience is not what she expected.
A winning argument
How a disagreement with my husband led to an EQUUS story about how equine research a decade ago helped...
A horseless vacation: The real getaway?
I like horses and I enjoy riding. But riding horses while on vacation holds zero appeal to me. The question...
illustration of various laboratory equipment
What we know and don't know
Rather than dismissing a study because it covers something you “know,” take the time to read about it...
When change is good
Although the lexicon of horsemanship is often slow to change, it's important that we update our management...
"Should I call the veterinarian?"
If you ask EQUUS Managing Editor Christine Barakat this question, she's going to always answer the same...
Drug shows promise in preventing neurological complication
A common anticoagulant drug may help prevent a life-threatening neurological complication of equine herpesvirus...
What's your horse's ulcer risk?
A horse coping with gastric ulcers may not always show outward signs of discomfort, but you can calculate...
Grazing muzzles to prevent choke?
New research suggests that grazing muzzles usually used to prevent pasture-associated laminitis can also...
Hypoallergenic horses?
A study suggests that the Bashkir Curly breed may be a good choice for people who are allergic to horses.
Progress in foal survival rates
New research shows that the majority of sick foals recover.
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