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Sports dressage horse, portrait in light background
Why polyester halters are a biosecurity hazard
Research shows that the bacteria responsible for strangles were more likely to persist on polyester-webbing halters than on leather ones.
Beware arena dust
Research shows that bacteria-laden dust in riding rings poses a health risk to horses, riders and even people on the ground.
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Equine coronavirus risk factors identified
A North Carolina outbreak helped researchers identify factors that put horses at risk of developing equine coronavirus.
New option for equine eye treatment
Research suggests that acetaminophen may be helpful in treating for uveitis and other painful equine eye conditions.
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Equine amniotic membrane for wound healing
amnion dressings can be useful in supporting wound healing in horses, particularly for injuries on the lower leg and other vulnerable areas.
What does equine welfare really mean?
A Canadian survey of horse owners reveals a disconnect between perceptions of “equine welfare” and “standard of care.”
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Can horses inherit susceptibility to cataracts?
A Cornell University study suggests that some horses may be genetically predisposed to developing cataracts.
Horse blankets and hair growth
Researchers found that blanketing has little or no effect on horse hair growth over time.
How to read fecal egg count results
Doing regular fecal egg counts will give you data that can help you and your veterinarian design the best deworming program for your horse.
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Parasite control pioneer
Three decades ago, a California veterinarian started offering fecal egg count tests to horse owners. Now the rest of the industry is catching up.
Easier option for EHV-1 detection
Less invasive muzzle swabs were almost as effective as nasal swabs in detecting EHV-1 in horses with clinical disease.
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Do hormones cause mares to misbehave?
Researchers found no connection between abnormal behavior in mares and increased concentrations of ovarian hormones.