Alana Harrison

A woman looking over a fence with a horse next to her
Planning your horse's retirement
Here are five popular options to consider when your horse becomes too old or infirm to continue his current activities.
Three Keys to "Leave No Trace" Trail Riding
The leader of a national trail riding organization offers tips for minimizing your environmental impact when you ride the trails.
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Keep horse trails open
• Become a member of local or national equestrian trail organizations and encourage your breed or sport organization to support trail and open land advocacy. • Learn how to minimize your impact on trails...
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Trails for tomorrow
For nearly a decade, Elise Backinger explored the trails of Salida, Colorado, aboard her Quarter Horse gelding, Pep. Salida calls itself the “Gem of the Rockies,” and Backinger’s memories of her rides...
Defeat the Enemy: Fly Control Options for Horse and Barn
Not only do flies and other bugs bite and sting your horses, they can spread disease. Read about the different ways you can defeat the enemy and keep flies away from your horse and barn.