Increase your horse's strength with exercise

Any horse can benefit from a simple strength-training routine. Here's how to safely build your horse's muscle power. READ MORE

Teach Your Horse To Tolerate Fly Spray

Forcing a scared horse to submit to a sprayer only makes the situation worse. Instead, try these tips for breaking the self-perpetuating cycle of sprayer terror. READ MORE

Horse Show Schedule Smarts

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Eager to schedule your summer competitions? Be sure your horse show scheduling reflects your mount's fitness and training. READ MORE

Safely Crossing Water on the Trail

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Venturing down an unfamiliar trail may lead you to a water crossing you've never seen before. Use these tips to help you decide if an unfamiliar body of water is safe to cross on horse back. READ MORE

Show Skills for Every Horse

Even if your horse never steps hoof in a show ring, there are some competition-related skills he should master. READ MORE

Taking a Horse Out of Retirement

An otherwise healthy horse "put out to pasture" for retirement can be called back into duty with just a bit of preparation. READ MORE

Riding On The Beach

by Christine Barakat Riding on the beach is a "bucket-list" item of many riders, and with good reason. A gallop along the surf can be exhilarating for both horse and rider. But if you decide to try riding on the beach this READ MORE

Use Hill Work to Improve a Horse's Self Carriage

by K.S. Swigart California-based endurance trainer Kat Swigart describes how working a horse over hills can be used to achieve a specific goal: to release the sacrolumbar joint. READ MORE

Remembering Sally Swift

The founder of Centered Riding was at her best when helping her students to understand how to use body awareness and imagery to ride better. READ MORE

Developing a Following Seat

by Sally Swift Sally Swift explains how "riding with your bones" releases tensions, corrects imbalance, and permits harmonious, precise movement on horseback. READ MORE

A Tevis Cup Journey

by Bobbie Lieberman A journal of the Tevis Cup, the ultimate endurance rider's pilgrimage, a grueling journey through the Sierra Nevada that demands equal measures of fitness and faith. By Bobbie Lieberman for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Finding Your Horse's Center of Gravity

Learn how to find your horse's center of gravity with this exercise from the book Principles of Conformation Analysis, Volume 1. READ MORE

If Clinicians Could Change the Horse Industry

What would you change about the horse industry? Expo attendees got the chance to ask top trainers and clinicians just that at the Virginia Equine Extravaganza in Richmond, Va., May 1, 2004. Written by Kate Lindon for EquiSearch. READ MORE

Develop Model Hands

by Joanne Meszoly Ideal equitation varies among disciplines but good hand position is critical to effective communication between rider and horse. READ MORE

Making Model Hands

Less is more when it comes to communication through the bridle. Try these exercises to reduce your reliance on the reins. Written by Joanne Meszoly. READ MORE

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