Senior Horse Care

Taking a Horse Out of Retirement

An otherwise healthy horse "put out to pasture" for retirement can be called back into duty with just a bit of preparation. READ MORE

Your blanketing questions answered

by Joanne Meszoly Wondering about fit, materials, construction or other horse blanket features? Here are some commonsense answers to all your blanketing questions. READ MORE

New Arthritis Treatment from Avocados

Researchers study the benefits of avocado in treating arthritis in horses. By Christine Barakat for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Topical Pain Relief for Equine Joints

NSAID cream offers targeted treatment. READ MORE

5 Ways to Help Your Horse Live Longer

by Christine Barakat Follow these five simple rules to increase your horse's chance of living to a ripe old age. READ MORE

Feeding Older Horses

EQUUS magazine's experts answer a reader's question regarding feeding older horses. READ MORE

Eye Problems in Senior Horses

Total blindness is rarely seen in horses but age-related immune changes may increase your senior horse's susceptibility to eye problems. READ MORE

Should You Retire Your Horse?

Is your senior horse telling you it's time to retire? This excerpt from the book Hands-On Senior Horse Care gives you some signs to look for. READ MORE

Retirement Setup Choices for Horses

When you can't care for your retired horse yourself, investigate your options with all the rigor you'd use to select a boarding stable for your most valuable stock. READ MORE

Reducing Laminitis Risks for Senior Horses

by Matthew Mackay-Smith, DVM You can take several steps to minimize the risk of laminitis for your aging horse. READ MORE

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