Risk and reward

by Joanne Meszoly Like any parent, I try to do what’s best for my kids and that means taking a chance on horses. READ MORE

Cowboy Dressage

by Jessica Black with Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy In this chapter from their new book, Eitan and Debbie Beth-Halachmy introduce an “American style of dressage” that combines elements of traditional Western and classical horsemanship. READ MORE

Is posting easier on a horse’s back?

Studies show that whe a rider posts and stands in the stirrups the forces exerted on a horse's back are reduced. READ MORE

Is posting easier on a horse’s back?

Researchers explain the force exerted by a rider on the horse's back during the trot. READ MORE

What Sally Swift taught me

Thirty years after the publication of Centered Riding, a leading instructor and clinician describes how Sally Swift changed her approach to riding, teaching and life. READ MORE

The right horse at the right time

by Hope Ellis-Ashburn My mare isn’t the flashiest mover, but she’s the perfect horse for me at this stage of my life. READ MORE

Dancing with Spirit

by Chris Kent My plucky gelding might not seem like the ideal choice for an aging rider, but he is perfect for me. READ MORE

Q&A: The “right” approach to jumping

When is it time to ask a young horse to leap before he looks? READ MORE

A compassionate approach to training and showing

by Susan Gordon In their new book The Compassionate Equestrian, Allen Schoen, DVM, and Susan Gordon introduce the “25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation,” guidelines for enhancing the rider’s relationship with the horse, the state of the horse industry and the world as a whole. READ MORE

In gratitude

by Kim McVeigh Yoga is helping me to appreciate just how much I love simply spending time with horses. READ MORE

How the best riders motivate themselves

by Janet L. Jones, PhD Want to improve your riding skills? Follow these 7 guidelines to become your own best coach. READ MORE

My management consultant

by Tamar Charney The skills I learned training my quirky mare came in handy when I needed to handle a crisis at work. READ MORE

Protect your horse from heat stress

Here's what you can do before, during and after your ride to help keep your horse cool on the hottest summer days. READ MORE

Tree branch etiquette for trail riders

Use this technique to protect yourself and your companions from a common trail hazard. READ MORE

Five common biases that hurt performance

by Janet L. Jones, PhD Beware of cognitive illusions that can interfere with your ability to improve your equestrian skills. READ MORE

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