Finding balance

by Kelley Granger DiFilippo Years ago I chose writing over riding, but now I realize that a person need not limit themselves to just one passion in life READ MORE

Basic Training by David O'Connor | Episode Five: Stall Safety

Avoid mishaps by commanding a horse’s attention READ MORE

Basic Training by David O'Connor | Episode Four: Pressure Lines

Establish your framework for problem solving READ MORE

Get your horse moving forward

by Jonathan Field Here are some ways to get the “go button” working and create a willingness to move forward freely. READ MORE

Basic Training by David O'Connor | Episode Three: Longeing

Strong, clear aids direct a horse’s movement READ MORE

How to figure out forging

by Christine Barakat with Melinda Freckleton, DVM A rhythmic clunking noise underfoot as your horse trots is the sound of forging, which occurs when his hind hoof reaches forward and strikes the toe of the forefoot... READ MORE

What your horse wants you to know about nosebands

by Mick McCluskey, BVSc, MACVSc A noseband tight enough to immobilize a horse’s jaw can cause measurable stress, according to new research from Australia. Researchers at Kandoo Equine in New South Wales and the... READ MORE

Quality time

by Tamar Charney My horse has taught me to let go of my schedule and focus on living in the moment. READ MORE

A Survivor's Tale

by John Wright Fresh from show-ring triumphs, a mare’s life suddenly hangs in the balance when a small lump turns out to be an aggressive type of cancer. READ MORE

Well remembered

by Hope Ellis-Ashburn The last lesson my “horse of a lifetime” taught me was how to say goodbye without regrets. READ MORE

My Amazing Amy

by Bill Trabucco A remarkable mare taught me that sometimes you need to take up the reins and sometimes you need to let go. READ MORE

Temporary shelter

by Mary Lynne Carpenter Fostering horses for a rescue helps me to believe I can make my own future better, too. READ MORE

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