Injuries and First Aid

Orthokine System: Promising Arthritis Treatment

by Patty Latham, DVM Orthokine system therapy calls on the horse's own healing resources to alleviate the effects of arthritis. READ MORE

EQUUS Chart: Horse Skin Problems

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Download this chart to help you identify eight common ailments that develop on a horse's skin. From the editors of EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Minimize Scarring with Effective Wound Care

by Ruth Ann Mosby When your horse is injured, focus on the most effective wound care to minimize scarring. READ MORE

Spotting Skin Problems Early

by Matthew Mackay-Smith, DVM Use this reference guide to identify your horse's skin troubles and decide what to do about them. By Matthew Mackay-Smith, DVM for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

How to Wrap a Hoof Injury

by Christine Barakat Here's how to apply a duct tape hoof wrap that will stay on and help keep your horse's hoof clean and protected when he has an injury or abscess. READ MORE

Preventing Colic in Horses

by Joanne Meszoly Here are seven vital steps, including feeding tips and parasite control, to help prevent colic in your horse. Plus, print out our colic symptom checklist to post in your barn. READ MORE

Learn to Identify Horse Skin Problems

by Laura Hillenbrand Is your horse's skin blotched, blemished or bedeviled? An informed investigation can help find the cause of the problem and speed the cure. READ MORE

Buying a Horse With a Bowed Tendon

These guidelines will help you, with your veterinarian's advice, evaluate the future soundness prospects of a horse with an old tendon injury. By Rick Mitchell, DVM, with Elizabeth Iliff, for Practical Horseman magazine. READ MORE

Is Your Horse Getting Too Much Sun?

by A. Jeffries Learn the causes and signs of photosensitivity in horses. READ MORE

Pasture Puncture Wounds

by Joanne Meszoly Here's how to treat and perhaps prevent puncture wounds on turned-out horses. By Joanne Meszoly for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Treatment for Girth Galls

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Sores under the girth are as painful to your horse as blistered heels are to you. Here's how to take care of them. By the editors of EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Treating Your Horse's Back Pain

Your veterinarian can recommend treatment for the causes and the signs of your horse's spinal soreness. Written by Vanessa Craft for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Your Horse's Back Pain: Possible causes

Check everything from saddle fit to sore feet as potential culprits behind your horse's spinal discomfort. Written by Vanessa Craft for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Causes of Back Pain in Horses

Consider the causes of equine back pain and how you can help relieve it. Written by Vanessa Craft for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

All About Rain Rot On Horses

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Here's how to identify and treat this spring-time skin condition. READ MORE

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