Injuries and First Aid

When wounds don't heal

by Christine Barakat To help figure out why some equine cuts, scrapes and lacerations fail to mend, an international wound-care expert has compiled a list of the top 12 healing inhibitors. READ MORE

What to do when your horse has a puncture wound

by Laurie Bonner They may look harmless enough on the surface, but puncture wounds can lead to serious infections and other complications. READ MORE

Racetrack fatalities continue to decline

by Mick McCluskey, BVSc, MACVSc Statistics show a 14 percent drop in fatal injuries to Thoroughbred racehorses at American racetracks from 2014 to 2015. READ MORE

What to do for a horse with choke

by Laurie Bonner When your horse develops an obstruction in his esophagus, doing the wrong thing can turn a relatively minor event into a potentially life-threatening problem. READ MORE

Tiny but tough

by Kim Hinson A Miniature Horse’s diminutive size is an asset after an attack by a stallion leaves him with a traumatic head injury. READ MORE

Surgical repair techniques of neck fractures show promise

by Christine Barakat French researchers report success in treating fractured equine neck vertebrae using surgical repair techniques commonly reserved for mending limb fractures. A recently published paper... READ MORE

Multiple imaging technologies best in stifle diagnosis

by Christine Barakat For greater accuracy, researchers recommend using multiple imaging methods. READ MORE

Championship care

by Christine Barakat Two eminent veterinarians discuss how advances in the management and care of top racehorses have ultimately improved the lives of all horses. READ MORE

Snake Bite

by Allison Stewart, BVSc, MS, DACVIM, DACVECC Growing up in Australia, I was keenly aware of the threat that snakes posed. My native land is home to about 100 venomous species, and thousands of snakebites occur there every year---though... READ MORE

A Field Guide To Equine Allergies

by Heather Smith Thomas You arrive at the barn to discover your horse covered in small, flat-topped bumps. But he doesn’t seem to be bothered by them, so you decide to wait to see how he does. Sure... READ MORE

Tongue Injuries

Wounds to your horse’s tongue can easily go unnoticed—but that doesn’t mean they can be ignored. READ MORE

Safe & Successful Comebacks

by Christine Barakat After your horse has been sidelined due to injury or illness, you need to be careful when you return him to work. Here’s how to keep him healthy and happy after four common causes of lay-ups. READ MORE

When Your Horse's Neck Hurts

Your horse's neck plays a critical role in his balance. Here are some tips for identifying injury or discomfort there. READ MORE

Equine Blood Transfusions

A veterinarian and professor of equine surgery explains the unique challenges of blood transfusion in horses. READ MORE

An Eye Enigma

My horse has been diagnosed with an eye infection called equine herpesvirus-2 (EHV-2) keratitis. I was told he is not contagious. Can you please tell me how it is spread and how best to manage it? Is lysine beneficial for this condition? READ MORE

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