When Resistance Develops Suddenly

When Resistance Develops Suddenly

When a horse becomes resistant out of the blue it's important to determine why he is acting out.... more

What you need to know for July

Is Your Horse Getting Too Much Sun?

Learn the causes and signs of photosensitivity in horses. By A. Jeffries for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Preventing Heat Stress in Horses

On summer days, it can be difficult to distinguish normal fatigue and sweatiness from dangerous heat stress in horses. Here's what to look for and how to safeguard your horse's well-being. READ MORE

Tips for Trailering a Horse in Summer

If you will be trailering a horse in the summer, these tips will help keep your horse cool during transport. READ MORE

Help For an "Outsider"

Q: Patience and desensitization techniques can help a horse settle in at a new barn.

Spotlight on: Grooming

Organize your Grooming Tools

Frigid winter weather may limit your riding, but you can put your "downtime" to good use by organizing and upgrading your grooming kit. Here are some basic steps for an overhaul that will make your daily chores a little easier: READ MORE

Highly Effective Horse Grooming

In many cases, what makes the difference in horse grooming results is not talent but technique. Observe several skillful groomers at work and you are likely to notice similarities in how they approach READ MORE

A Guide to Buying Grooming Brushes

Ready to restock your grooming kit? Grooming to Win author Susan Harris helps you comb through the options. READ MORE

Who Wouldn’t Love a New Horse Trailer?

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