7 Myths About Equine Nutrition

7 Myths About Equine Nutrition

To help you formulate your horse’s diet based on the best information available, we debunk 7 common... more

April 2014

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April 2014

  • A New Approach to Stifle Injuries
    Diagnosis and treatment of injuries in this complex joint have never been easier, thanks to advances in research and technology.
  • Too Much Time Together?
    Even with the best intentions, you can stress out your horse with too much handling. Instead, focus on quality over quantity when you interact with him.
  • Targeted Laminitis Prevention
    As researchers gain a greater understanding of the causes of this devastating foot disease, you can tailor your preventive strategies to meet your horse’s needs.
  • Making the Switch to Senior Feeds
    When is the best time to begin a specialized feeding regimen for your older horse? These tips can help you determine how to best meet his needs.

What you need to know for April

Minimize Mud In Your Pastures This Spring

Unable to escape the muddy horse pastures before summer? Here are some pasture management tips for reducing the effects of mud this season. READ MORE

Protect Your Horse From Toxic Buttercups

These small yellow flowers can lead to digestive troubles. Here's what you can do to minimize your horse's consumption of buttercups. READ MORE

One Simple Tip for More Effective Deworming

Try this trick to ensure your horse gets the most out of his deworming medication. READ MORE

Causes of cribbing

Q: Do some personality traits make a horse more likely to become a cribber?

Spotlight On: Laminitis

Manage spring grazing to minimize laminitis risk

New pasture growth poses risks for horses prone to laminitis. Here are some precautions to take as fields transform from winter brown to spring green. READ MORE

The Facts About Chronic Laminitis

How to recognize and treat chronic laminitis, a frustrating and potentially devastating hoof condition. READ MORE

Assess Your Horse's Laminitis Risk

How likely is your horse to develop this devastating hoof condition? Take our 8-question survey to find out. READ MORE

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