Fixing a Feeble Forelock

A grooming expert explains how to help encourage your horse's hair to grow. READ MORE

Birdcatcher Spots Explained

An equine genetic expert explains more about these unusual white coat markings. READ MORE

Organize your Grooming Tools

Here are some basic steps for a grooming-kit overhaul that will make your daily chores a little easier: READ MORE

Banish Bot Eggs

Interrupt the lifecycle of these parasites by removing their eggs when you can. READ MORE

Unusual Equine Coat Spots Explained

Here's a quick look at some coat-color modifications that go beyond the familiar spots of a Paint or Appaloosa. READ MORE

Teach Your Horse To Tolerate Fly Spray

Forcing a scared horse to submit to a sprayer only makes the situation worse. Instead, try these tips for breaking the self-perpetuating cycle of sprayer terror. READ MORE

How to Speed Up Your Horse's Shedding

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine Equine shedding season can mean only one thing, you will be finding your horse's hair everywhere you go. Use one or two of these tactics to help him lose his winter coat quicker. READ MORE

Watch out for 8 common equine skin diseases

by Dee McVicker Here's what you need to know about those skin lumps, bumps and bald patches on your horse that you can probably handle on your own. READ MORE

Encouraging a Thick Winter Coat

A veterinarian offers advice on how to help a horse to grow enough coat to stay warm. READ MORE

Cold-Weather Grooming for Manes and Tails

When it's too cold to bathe your horse, try these techniques for cleaning his mane and tail. READ MORE

Removing Mud Stains During Winter

When cold weather makes a full bath impossible, try these tactics for removing manure and mud stains. READ MORE

Which clip to pick?

Let your horse's lifestyle dictate how much coat you remove this winter. READ MORE

Help your horse grow a thick winter coat

Q: I live in northwest Colorado, where winter temperatures can drop as low as minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm concerned about keeping my 13-year-old horse Romeo warm enough during those freezing conditions. Romeo, who is fed a senior feed, is slow at growing a winter coat, and when I put blankets on him he still shivers. What can I do to make sure that he stays warm enough? READ MORE

Safeguard Your Veterinary Supplies During Cold Spells

This winter don't forget to protect equine medications, veterinary supplies and other items in your tack room that can be affected by the freezing temperatures. READ MORE

Seven Habits for Highly Effective Horse Grooming

by Heather Smith Thomas EQUUS staff surveyed several first-rate groomers, both professional and amateur, and compiled this list of their seven ?habits.? Most of these are relatively simple and require little, if any, extra effort, but employed together they are sure to transform an adequate horse grooming job into an impressive one. READ MORE

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