Behavioral Problems

Improve your horse's mealtime manners

by Jennifer Williams, PhD Even the worst feeding-related behavioral problems can be solved with patient and consistent training. READ MORE

Calming without medication

by Heather Smith Thomas Here are 10 ways to reduce a horse’s anxiety without resorting to sedatives or tranquilizers. READ MORE

Q&A: After an accident

Q: I purchased a 5-year-old gelding last year, and he was doing great as a trail horse until about two weeks ago. I was riding with friends, and the horse behind us tripped and fell... READ MORE

After a skirmish

by Christine Barakat with Melinda Freckleton, DVM A fight in the pasture between herdmates is usually a loud and dramatic affair. The good news is that most skirmishes don’t result in serious injury. However, if you know there’s... READ MORE

Q&A: Help for a stall kicker

Q: We have a mare at the barn who spends most of her time out in the pasture with her Miniature Horse friend. She is put in her stall next to her buddy at feeding time and only for a short period... READ MORE

Teach a horse to accept farriery work

Here are some simple exercises for teaching a horse to accept having his hooves handled. READ MORE

Calming the anxious horse

by David O'Connor To help a horse overcome his nervousness, you need to become a source of comfort and security for him. Here’s how to do it. READ MORE

Q&A: A Gnawing Problem

Whether diet or boredom is to blame, gnawing on wood is an undesirable behavior. Here's how to identify the source of gnawing and break the habit. READ MORE

Causes of cribbing

Do some personality traits make a horse more likely to become a cribber? READ MORE

Telltale Bite Marks

The appearance of bite marks on your horse may be a sign of unrest in the herd. Try these tips to keep the peace. READ MORE

Q&A: How to deal with a "lippy" horse

I have owned my 8-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding for about five months. He's a great trail horse, but he is pushy on the ground and very lippy---he wants to grab everything... READ MORE

5 Ways to break bad gate behaviors

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine A horse who pulls, slows or balks by the gate can be dangerous. Here's how to break that habit. READ MORE

Why Winter Alters "Marish" Behavior

by the Editors of EQUUS magazine If your otherwise cranky mare mellows out this winter, shorter days may be the reason. READ MORE

How to Interpret Your Horse's Head Bobs

How a horse's head bobs up and down can be an important clue to lameness. Here's how to read what you see. READ MORE

Winter Wood Chewing in Horses

When the weather turns cold and wet, some horse may be more prone to chewing on wood. Here's how you can discourage that destructive behavior. READ MORE

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