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Wipeout: How the battle over the Big Lick Walking horses changed access to information on the welfare of all animals

by Fran Jurga
Ten days after the inauguration of President Trump, the USDA edited its website. It removed the records of violations to the Horse Protection Act and, with it, records of all violations related to animals under the Animal Welfare Act. What happened next will surprise you, and it's not over yet. READ MORE

The Humane Thing To Do: When Horse Blankets Were the Law

by Fran Jurga
Should you blanket your horse? Owners today have choices of blanket materials, sizes and weights, along with electric clippers and the choice whether or not to subject their horses to winter cold. But 100 years ago, humane society activists thought every horse should wear a blanket unless it was moving--and made it the law. Did the horses benefit from the law? History may have a lesson for us. READ MORE

After the Fall: How pink is your concussion? (What women riders need to know.)

by Fran Jurga
The vet didn't know what hit her. She just knew her head hit the concrete barn floor when the horse she was treating spooked. And as if having a head injury wasn't enough, her life became complicated with doctor appointments, missed work, and fears for both her health and career. Enter Pink Concussions, a head injury awareness group that is asking questions that will make equestrian heads spin. READ MORE

Free Range in Paradise: The “Wild” Horses of the Caribbean Attract Tourists and Research

by Fran Jurga
It’s not only tourists who are chasing the “wild” horses on the Caribbean island of Vieques these days. This fascinating home turf for free ranging equids is the scene this week of an equine contraceptive trial led by the Humane Society of the United States. The results of this experiment may help insure the future of the horses on the island and be relevant to other herds around the world. READ MORE

“And your horse is ugly, too!” Bullying in the horse world hurts us all

by Fran Jurga
Words can hurt. But what if they hurt more than their targets? New reports on bullying in the horse world are revealing the impact that hateful behavior can have on horses, as well as people. In an age when we toe the line to protect equine welfare, what are we doing to protect each other? Are horses--and the entire equine industry--at risk, too? What can we do? READ MORE

Along for the ride: Are horse-drawn city carriages being pulled in different directions?

by Fran Jurga
Are carriages rides quaint or cruel? In 2017, you might need to check your GPS before you answer. Recent events show us how complicated a carriage ride can get, as attorneys, veterinarians, protesters, lawmakers, police, researchers and even street maintenance experts and a United Nations agency brought new ammunition to the battle for and against your decision to go for a ride...or not. READ MORE

Whither the “Wild” Horses of Louisiana?

by Fran Jurga
Wild, or feral, horses can’t read “keep out” signs, so a herd of Louisiana’s historic Kisatchie horses has been inhabiting land at the Fort Polk military base in western Louisiana. The US Army wants them to leave. Their defenders want them to stay. The next range they’ll roam will be the US court system, as advocates sue to protect the rights of the wild horses you never even knew were there. READ MORE

Research: Horses exhibit their cognitive skills by asking humans for help with a problem

by Fran Jurga
Has your horse asked you for a favor lately? Scientists in Japan tested horse behavior to document that our equine friends are capable of and often do initiate requests for human assistance. Other animals might not exhibit this ability for some level of two-way communication, which may be a cornerstone of the horse-human bond. READ MORE

Australia Will Voluntarily Ban Whips During Races or Training; World's First Whip-Free Horse Racing

by Fran Jurga
Australia stepped into the equine welfare spotlight today by becoming the first nation in the world to voluntarily ban the use of the whip in harness racing. Harness Racing Australia announced the landmark decision after the Inter Dominion, Australia’s premier Standardbred race, was run in Perth in Western Australia. READ MORE

Coats of Many Colors: What color were ancient horses?

by Fran Jurga
Do you have a soft spot for spots? Is your ideal horse a perfect shade of blood bay? Do you live by the old warning, "Chestnut mare? Beware!" If a horse's color is important to you, join the club of horsemen over the millennia who rode horses of a certain color, and influenced the future modern horse with every choice they made. READ MORE

Horse Owners’ $5 Million Gift Establishes Dr. Harry Werner Professorship in Equine Medicine at Penn Vet’s New Bolton Center

by Fran Jurga
A transformational gift of $5 million by the estate of Connecticut residents Seth and Lucy Holcombe will establish the Dr. Harry Werner Professorship in Equine Medicine at Penn Vet's New Bolton Center large animal hospital outside Philadelphia. The professorship will include teaching, research, and clinical outreach, with an emphasis on equine welfare and wellness. READ MORE

Equid tail hairs reveal dietary choices of three horse species in Asia's Gobi Desert

by Fran Jurga
What happens when different species of equids are competing for food in the same ecosystem? Researchers from the University of Vienna vet school were able to sort out which equids in the Gobi Desert of Central Asia were eating what by analyzing tail hairs. READ MORE

Lights, cameras, Lipizzaners: The 450-year-old Spanish Riding School has seen the light

by Fran Jurga
On Saturday, November 26th, 300 guests uttered all the usual “oooh” and “ahhh” expressions so often heard when the 450-year-old Spanish Riding School performs its magnificent “white ballet”. But this time was different: The lucky guests were witnessing something never seen before. The ride format and hall were unchanged. But performances of the Spanish Riding School will never be the same again. READ MORE

Holiday Giving, Equestrian Style: The Peeps Foundation is the horse world's smallest--and cutest--charity

by Fran Jurga
All equine rescue charities are noble, hard-working, and struggling to survive. But one is cute, cuddly and an overwhelming success. Meet The Peeps Foundation, founded by hunter/jumper riders on a mission to re-home (and glamorize) miniature horses challenged by the ill health effects of dwarfism. With perfect tails, pulled manes, and crooked legs, the Peeps herd wants to win your heart--and will. READ MORE

Equine Stem Cell Summit Will Showcase Regenerative Medicine for Horses in West Palm Beach Next Month

by Fran Jurga
The World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS) announced last week that it will host the Equine World Stem Cell Summit when the 2016 WSCS convenes at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida December 6-9. 2016. READ MORE

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