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6 Things you may not have known about Pigeon fever

by Heather Smith Thomas
Once found mainly in California, this bacterial infection has now been documented in 25 states across the country. Here are 6 little known or sometimes forgotten facts about the infection. READ MORE

5 facts about dogs and deworming

by Heather Smith Thomas
Routine fecal examinations and regular heartworm preventatives are the primary steps of controlling internal parasites in your dog. Here are some basic facts you may not know. READ MORE

Calming without medication

by Heather Smith Thomas
Here are 10 ways to reduce a horse’s anxiety without resorting to sedatives or tranquilizers. READ MORE

Young horse health check

by Heather Smith Thomas
In the first five years of life, young horses are prone to a particular set of physical problems. Here’s what you need to know about the 5 most common challenges. READ MORE

A Buyer's Guide To Trail Saddles

by Heather Smith Thomas
In many ways, shopping for a trail saddle is the same as choosing one for any other sport or activity. The quality of the materials, construction and design lead the list of initial considerations,... READ MORE

A Field Guide To Equine Allergies

by Heather Smith Thomas
You arrive at the barn to discover your horse covered in small, flat-topped bumps. But he doesn’t seem to be bothered by them, so you decide to wait to see how he does. Sure... READ MORE

Decode your horse's bloodwork

by Heather Smith Thomas
Blood analysis can yield vital information about a horse’s health. Here’s a look at what tests can–and cannot–tell you. READ MORE

Life after Equine Laminitis

by Heather Smith Thomas
When laminitis leads to permanent changes in a horse's hoof, veterinarians and farriers team up to preserve his comfort and soundness through targeted treatments. READ MORE

Harnessing the Power of DMSO

by Heather Smith Thomas
Is DMSO a miracle drug or dangerous toxin? Here's everything you need to know about using the power of DMSO safely and effectively. READ MORE

Ten Ways to Optimize Your Horse's Digestive System

by Heather Smith Thomas
Follow these guidelines when feeding horses to reduce the risk of colic, ulcers and other ills. READ MORE

Seven Habits for Highly Effective Horse Grooming

by Heather Smith Thomas
EQUUS staff surveyed several first-rate groomers, both professional and amateur, and compiled this list of their seven ?habits.? Most of these are relatively simple and require little, if any, extra effort, but employed together they are sure to transform an adequate horse grooming job into an impressive one. READ MORE

Field Guide to Equine Allergies

by Heather Smith Thomas
Learn the 5 most common triggers of allergic reactions in horses so you'll be better able to counter or prevent them. READ MORE

Preventing Heat Stress in Horses

by Heather Smith Thomas
On summer days, it can be difficult to distinguish normal fatigue and sweatiness from dangerous heat stress in horses. Here's what to look for and how to safeguard your horse's well-being. READ MORE

Protect Your Horse From Botflies

by Heather Smith Thomas
With the right tools, you can easily control botflies, a persistent and sometimes troublesome summertime pest. READ MORE

The Canter Connection: Helping Former Racehorses Find New Lives

by Heather Smith Thomas
Through word-of-mouth and the Internet, a Michigan-based program to help retired racehorses find new lives is thriving -- and spreading across the country. READ MORE

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