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The Equine Hind Limb By The Numbers

by Deb Bennett, PhD
In this month's installment of Conformation Insights, "Developing an Eye for the Total Hind Limb," Deb Bennett, PhD, describes how to evaluate the horse's hind limb structure. Here are the measurements and equations you need to better understand READ MORE

Raising the Base of the Horse's Neck

by Deb Bennett, PhD
Raise the base of your own neck to better understand how a horse produces an arch with his neck. By Deb Bennett, PhD, for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Analyze Your Horse's Proportions

by Deb Bennett, PhD
Dr. Deb Bennett, PhD, tells you how to analyze your horse's proportions. From the editors of EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

A Glimpse of Life at the Roman Fort Vindolanda

by Deb Bennett, PhD
A fictional account of what life may have been like at a Roman fort in the first century A.D. By Deb Bennett, PhD, for EQUUS magazine. READ MORE

Head & Neck Carriage: Fashion Versus Function

by Deb Bennett, PhD
When it comes to a horse's head and neck carriage, fashion can be torture. Function is therapy. And forget the word "frame." READ MORE

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